JSConf China

11th-12th July, 2015

09:15 - 19:00

Shenzhen, China

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About ShenJS

JSConf China is a two day conference focused on JavaScript and Node.js technologies. This developer driven event brings together notable figures from both the Chinese and international JavaScript communities to share their knowledge and passion for JavaScript. After Shanghai, Beijing and Hangzhou, JSConf China is going to Shenzhen from July 11-12 in 2015.




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  • Opening

    Goddy Zhao

  • Database Everywhere: a Reactive Data Architecture for JavaScript Frontends

    Evan You

  • Unlimited Power – ES6 Generators

    Brian Holt

  • Lucky Draw + Break

  • How koa and toa work & use them in real world

    Qing Yan

  • My attempt to use Angular.js for a real-time application

    Bohan li

  • Lunch

  • PM2 and Keymetrics.io

    Alexandre Strzelewicz

  • Nodebot session introduction

    Andrew Fisher

  • Lucky Draw + Break

  • Lighting Talk

  • How to build a distributed system with Node.js

    Tianle Wen

  • The Rise and Fall of JS Frameworks

    Eyal Arubas

  • Break

  • The infinite imaginative data visulization in front-end

    Yi Shen

  • NERD DISCO: The Next Generation

    Tim Pietrusky

  • Lucky Draw

  • Afterparty

  • Nodebot Session

    Andrew Fisher


  • Frontend test in Qiniu

    Yiqing Ma

  • The optimized tool: node profiler

    Jackson Tian

  • Lucky Draw + Break

  • p2p pipes

    Mathias Buus

  • Dispatch service under micro service structure

    Zongmin Lei

  • The road to isomorphic web development


  • Lunch

  • JavaScript: The World's Best Programming Language


  • How fibjs works and how we use it in baoz.cn

    Hengfei Zhuang

  • Lucky Draw + Break

  • Lighting Talk

  • Persistent data structure in JS land: implementing immutable frontend using react.js

    Yue Ni

  • How to build an online IDE with React

    Hui Liu

  • Break

  • Diving in - WebGL and WebVR

    Martin Naumann

  • Maintainable Node.js


  • Lucky Draw

  • Afterparty


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